There are
some really, really bad things that happen in life and then there are
you can be hurt so very, very terribly and then you come across an amazing bundle of
they're on the lawn at your friendly local
and they're frolicking on the grass (one of the only times it is fitting anymore to use the word "frolic"
it just suits these
to an absolute frigging t).

And when you climb one leg at a time and over the fence
oh it is so amazing to be one
covered in

"There is something so fantastic about puppy smell" I yell across the field and
he yells back
"I know, the greatest". Some people just really get it---right away.

Puppies pulling down on the skirt that I bought because it seemed to fit
that downtown aesthetic
I was going for at the time
But of course, there is very little need for downtown sensibilities
when you're standing in the middle of nowhere

Just sky in all directions
and a falling down barn behind you
and there are five little souls wriggling around you
each destined for an airplane ride to a far-away family somewhere
but for right now and for just these twenty minutes you are their entire world
and being.

And for you, for anyone else
Twenty minutes can absolutely repair any multitude of sorrows.

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