June One

Two days ago I fell into a ravine. Something about falling, exposing blood and torn flesh mixed with dirt brings back memories of childhood like nothing else can. I am still young. I can still fall and get cut up. The resulting scrape was fairly large but stopped bleeding very quickly. I walked home slightly self conscious about it and the grass stains on the back of my pants. I washed it with orange soap in a lather. By the next day a red rash was growing around it and a swell. By nightfall it was becoming painful to walk and off to emergency I went. Doctor's consult: Rapidly spreading skin infection, wicked antibiotics. I had to start them immediately. The nurse handed me two horse pills and a paper cup of water. I am still young. Still young enough to visit the ER in every town in which I am living. It should begin to subside in 24 hours.

Last month I was bitten by a dog.

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