NYTimes Book Review's: "By the Book"

I was really excited to see this new feature in the New York Times Book Review-- I love seeing what famous people (and anyone) enjoy reading.

This week's famous person is the Girls-y Lena Dunham and I'm proud to say that I have read both of the "best books about girls" that she mentions-- Lolita and Catherine, Called Birdy. The latter was assigned to my class when I was in Grade 5(!) 

Dunham and I are the same age so maybe this was like...a really cool book of our generation? I still remember the anxiety that came when I was asked to read from it out loud in class and was forced to say a swear.  

The amazing and talented Jillian Tamaki illustrates  the column and while I don't think this week's necessarily looks much like Dunham it is still very pretty.

Check it! 

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