Thursday Beers

I'm sitting with my computer. I never use this thing. I can see why the PC is on its way down and out. I use my phone, phone, phone forever and always and my PC is like a book that I don't open but I set on the floor, set drinks on, set my feet on.

My little big dog is sleeping on the carpet, and I pay 20 dollars a day plus HST for this luxury, the luxury of having a dog who sleeps when I come home from work. She is a sleeping giant and I don't want to move or talk or stir because I don't want to wake her and ruin everything.

So much has happened since last August when I last visited this space.

It is summer again and I'm in a very different place in many ways, except geographically. I'm in the same place geographically- more or less.

This coming week I'm on vacation and I'm not visiting the arctic or anything at all this year, except going to the water, whatever water I can find and be close to. And I'm going group camping, and I will try not to be messy or make a mess of this situation.

I listen to two or three episodes of This American Life a day at the moment. It's painting swatches on my brain. I'm an evangelist for it.

My summer book is going to be the new David Rakoff.

I bought a new car so I'm getting a roommate.

I'm getting a roommate.

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