There are Hospitals

There are hospitals

They want to take your blood right away when you are in the waiting room. They ask you to sit in a chair at the reception and start to unwind the rubber band thing to put around your arm and then you realize what is happening and say "no, I faint." "I need to lie down for needles," and this seems very whiny and inconvenient to you while you are saying it. But they take you to this little room off the main room and you walk past people with broken noses who are in handcuffs on gurneys with policemen and women around them, to get there.

If they're taking your blood maybe you have a disease. Have you given someone a disease? If you have they will have good reason to dislike you even more reason than they may have had before.

The nurse asks "don't you have a family doctor?" "Then what exactly is the emergency?"

The second nurse is so nice and you end up talking about your life in great detail, and your feelings and moods and every little thing. The way your jaw hurts to move it. You haven't been eating but when you leave you walk as far up university as you can to buy a soda and a double chocolate doughnut. The cab driver asks where you were educated. Where you are from. And the drive is very pleasant. You always say you've had a good day. Even on a day where there are hospitals you've had a good day. A bad day needs to be a very truly terrible one.

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