when you take a shower

the water drips out the bottom of the bathtub onto greyblue tiles and into the middle of the floor.
it's not the middle of the space but the middle of the depth of the floor and the water goes down into the holes that surround the copper piping, and the holes allow the water to leak down into the basement laundry room.

all that dripping creates a dark dank place in the basement for a dark creature to live. it's never there when you're there. When you're down in the laundry room so terrifying you realize it's also right underneath your bedroom. so you try to hit the ceiling, jumping into the air when the tips of your toes don't work. yell up through the ceiling after hitting it to see who gets disturbed. it is your sister, up there. pushing furniture around on wooden floors.

back up in the bathroom there are waterfalls of toilet coming from the upstairs seeping down into the walls, and the wall fibers are bulging out in places so that the white paint starts sludging off down the sides of the walls creating shapes that look like snow drifts. in other areas the paint crackles like pottery glaze.

the man who cares for the apartment does not answer phone calls
the man who cares for the apartment is a very nice man who does not answer phone calls

the room with the shower is the destruction room

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